Know Your Dose Campaign

The Know Your Dose campaign educates consumers on how to safely and appropriately use medicines that contain acetaminophen to avoid an unintentional overdose. By reaching consumers when medicine safety is top of mind through points of care, such as a pharmacy or healthcare provider’s office, points of purchase at retail pharmacies, and online on health sites, the campaign seeks to raise awareness and promotes four simple steps for safe acetaminophen use: 1) Always read and follow the medicine label; 2) Know if your medicines contain acetaminophen; 3) Never take two medicines with acetaminophen at the same time; and 4) Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you have questions about dosing instructions or medicines that contain acetaminophen.

If you or an organization, pharmacy or healthcare practice you represent would like to get involved, please contact the Know Your Dose team for more information.


Our educational efforts are working: Click here to see how Know Your Dose messages are effective in promoting current safe medicine use and future acetaminophen safety behaviors.

New research shows that consumer awareness of acetaminophen safe use is on the rise. Click here to learn more.