Is your pediatric acetaminophen dosing info up to date?
There’s a new pediatric dosing chart available with "old" and "new" dosing info

Last year, the makers of over-the-counter, single ingredient liquid pediatric acetaminophen began converting these medicines to a single concentration across all brands (160mg/5mL) to standardize dosing and prevent dosing errors. While the transition is still taking place, some parents and caregivers may find both the old “infants’ concentrated drops” and new concentrations on store shelves or in their home medicine cabinets. Be sure you are providing them the correct dosing information for the liquid acetaminophen product they have on hand.

Help eliminate confusion and ensure parents/caregivers know the appropriate dose to use with this new pediatric dosing chart for posting in your offices and giving out to patients.

Click here to view the new pediatric dosing chart.