What Your Patients Need to Know

When addressing correct acetaminophen usage with your patients, here are some key things they should know:

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  • Acetaminophen is an ingredient found in more than 600 different over-the-counter and prescription medicines, including pain relievers, fever reducers, and sleep aids, as well as cough, cold, and allergy medicines. 
  • Acetaminophen is the most commonly used drug ingredient in America. It appears in over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol and NyQuil and prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet. Because it’s in so many different medicines, people may be taking more than the recommended amount without realizing it.
  • Acetaminophen is safe and effective when used as directed, but there is a limit to how much you can take in one day. Taking more than directed is an overdose and can lead to liver damage.
  • If you have questions about dosing instructions or the medicines that contain acetaminophen, feel free to ask me.
  • You can learn more about acetaminophen at KnowYourDose.org, where you can view a list of common medicines that contain the ingredient. 

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